Modest fashion

Modest fashion is conquering the world. After years of battles against hijab, the werstern world is finally opening its doors to embrace other religions needs, therefore we can see an increasing demand to launch into the business of modest fashion.

What are the main needs of this increasing market and what are the results or changements reported in these last years?

The reason why hijab was so disscussed in the past years was partely a political strategy hidden behind the veil or i’d rather say the ‘hijab’ of justice and freedom.

Does Hijab limit women’s freedom?
We can briefly say that women’s choice to wear hijab is indeed a choice and nobody can in any way limit this personal freedom.

So why all these battles against hijab?
‘Taring everyone with the same brush’

There have happened situations where some parents used to oblige their daughters to wear it, but these were a few occasional cases, it doesn’t mean that every other woman who wears it is forced to and it doesn’t make it legal or fair to forbid those who choose to be dressed in a different way from wearing it, both ways are a limit of freedom.

Muslims are very sensitive to sins but they are humans and they do make tons of them, it only belongs to the strict relationship between believer and its God.

Lately things are changing due to lots of factors such as the increasing number of muslims around the world and their presence in western culture.
Basically modest fashion is not only for muslim women, it’s for all women who love being stylish ‘without showing too much skin’.

What are the factors that boosted this changement?

Lots have happened between 2014 and 2016, the most important factors were the economical studies about this billionaire business, the apparition of a libyan-american journalist Noor Tagouri in playboy’s cover with her hijab and the international attention given by the first veiled model semifinalist at Miss Minnesota USA Halima Aden.

2017 gave birth to the firsts modest fashion weeks hosted in emerging fashion’s capitals such as Dubai, Jackarta, Istanbul, Singapore and London.

What we see in these fashion runways is an amazing marriage between cultures, indonesian, turkish, english, arab designers show their best pieces of arts finding a positive and successful feedback.
This trend is slightely catching the attention of the biggest western designers too so we expect great changement in fashion industry in the next few years.



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